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Rs.2/ year

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  • Disk Space
  • Monthly Bandwidth
  • Primary Domains Included
  • Add-on/Parked Domains
  • Emails Accounts
  • FTP Users
  • Databases with Users
  • Easy Website Creator
  • Easy CMS Installer
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Support


Rs.8000/ year

Get your own website and email addresses

  • Disk Space — 5 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth — 50 GB
  • Primary Domain Included —
  • Add-on/Parked Domains —
  • Emails Accounts — 5
  • FTP Users — 5
  • Databases with Users— 5
  • Easy Website Creator —
  • Easy CMS Installer —
  • Scheduled Backups —
  • Support —


Rs.20,000/ year

Host up to 5 dynamic websites on a single web hosting account

  • Disk Space — 20 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth — 200 GB
  • Primary Domain Included —
  • Add-on/Parked Domains — 5
  • Emails Accounts — 20
  • FTP Users — 20
  • Databases with Users— 20
  • Easy Website Creator —
  • Easy CMS Installer —
  • Scheduled Backups —
  • Support —

Applications and Features

Easy Website Creator

If you wish to get things done ASAP or are on a tight budget, Easy Website Creator is included with all hosting plans. Use its intuitive drag and drop features and create responsive website by choosing from a wide range of personal and professional website design templates.

All-In-One Package

All our hosting packages come with support for dynamic CMS platforms and databases. Few also come with easy install for CMS packages. Just select and hit "Install" to deploy your WordPress, Drupal or Magento Store, in a jiffy. No need to manually download/upload files and create DB users—save time and money!

Frequently asked Questions

1Are there any hidden charges?
Absolutely not! We believe that transparency is the key when it comes to customer satisfaction. We don't use marketing gimmicks to lure clients and then suck them dry of their hard-earned money. We don't even use the 99 cent tricks! We believe that not even 1 cent should taken without acknowledgement!
2Where are your servers?
Our service is backed up by one of the largest cloud services providers in the world. Yes, in the world :). With redundancies and fail-overs in place, your website is hosted on multiple continents at the same time.
3Will you help us set-up our hosting?
Definitely! This is our USP, we guide you to the point where you are all good to go. Uploading website, creating email addresses, we will guide you any way we can. All you have to do is reach out.



We base our services on one of the largest cloud services provider in the world. Our servers are spread across multiple regions throughout the world. And they scale up or shrink down depending on the server load. So sit back while we and our partners take care of everything!

Get in touch

Why is it worth to choose Nawadarat?

Among all the big hosting companies, why should you choose us?

The simple answer is that we're small and efficient, therefore, you get high quality service with a personal touch.


Safety & Comfort

Because we are just like your neighbours, you get the safety and comfort to talk to us whenever you want. Just give us a call and we will be at your service for whatever you need.

Reliability & Stability

We've been consistently maintaining our small-scale services for the past 10 years. We focus on quality of service instead of profit-maximisation at the cost of consumer-satisfaction.

Technical Assistance

So what if you are not familiar with the technical knick-knacks, or an entrepreneur who just wants to get things done? We guide you in a way that saves you time and money. And, should you hit a tech-barrier, we'll assist you get over it as smoothly as possible.

Complete solutions

When it comes to support, we like to go the extra-mile for our customers. Other than your hosting needs, we assist you in any way we can, with hosting related stuff such as web design, branding, or even setting up outlook if that's what you need.

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